Walk the Talk is all about people’s dreams and goals and what is holding them back from achieving their life purpose. I provide resources to help make their dreams a reality. Each primary guest is paired up with a resource that I feel will be the most beneficial to them with where they are at currently in their life. Together a plan of action is created.


I also highlight success stories. These are people who have gone through challenging times and are now living and breathing their life purpose. These guests serve as resource to my primary guests as well as to the listeners.


In order to succeed we must hold ourselves accountable, believe in ourselves and allow others to believe in us. Which brings me to the third format of the show, which is to follow up with each of my guests. Whether they are a primary guest in need of resources or the resource I am highlighting.


When following up with primary guests we discuss what did and didn’t work and reevaluate the plan we mapped out as needed.  After all, just because we have created a plan doesn’t mean all is going to go according to plan, and that is the beautiful thing about living. We don’t walk a straight line…our life is full of curves, turns and corners.  The point of creating a game plan is so that people hold themselves accountable. It’s ok if the goals/dreams change. It’s ok if the plan of action to achieving all that we want changes. What matters is that we stay true to ourselves along our journey and continue to action towards what is a match for us.

I have come across many people who say, I don’t know what my life purpose is. My response is, I believe you do.  It’s just buried inside of you and that is nothing to be ashamed of.  We have all had experiences that we are regretful for, whether it be something someone did to us, we did to ourselves and/or a belief we chose to adopt along the way.  What ever it is, WE DESERVE TO FORGIVE OURSELVES, allow ourselves to discover what brings us TRUE JOY and to fulfill our life purpose. 


When it comes down to it, the purpose of the show is for people to love, believe in themselves, live their lives with joy and to fulfill their life purpose.