I love that Tavia has such an open-hearted desire to share powerful inspiring stories of overcoming adversity to love yourself and walk your own talk. She's an excellent host that makes it easy to be interviewed.

Kerri Hummingbird

I have had the great pleasure of being a guest for Tavia's Walk The Talk Radio Show.  In fact it was such an awesome experience that I returned as a guest for a second show! What I love most about my experience with Tavia is that her true love and passion for helping others authentically shines through!  As a guest host, she completely put me at ease with her warm hearted personality and her fun and lively approach to life. She listened to me, discussed with me, and considered my needs and desires. Tavia absolutely exceeded all of my hopes and expectations! Her level of diligence, professionalism, and expertise in the world of media clearly shows her as a leader in her industry. Most of all, it's Tavia's genuine compassion to make a difference in others' lives, that adds a value and a quality of excellence to her show. Whether a guest, a listener, or both, I highly recommend you have the experience of Tavia's Walk The Talk Radio Show. I guarantee it will fill you with inspiration and keep you coming back for more!

Jennifer Lynn Giles

Tavia has done an amazing job bringing this fascinating program to the air. I rarely ever meet such an inspiring person. Thank you Tavia!

Mark Hastings